Having an option for your Lead's to unsubscribe to your emails are important to your overall cold emailing campaigns, as you're giving people an option to stop receiving emails from you, which results in a friendly click on a link instead of a spam report.

You can manage your Unsubscribers list by going on the Unsubscribed page in the app menu.

Here you can manually add Unsubscribers, delete Unsubscribed emails (we recommend doing this for test purposes only, if someone clicked your unsubscribe link you should respect their decision) and export the Unsubscribe list.

On the second tab on this page you have  Blocked Domains, which will list all Leads (domains) that you've manually blocked in a Search Results page. These can be exported as well.

Blocking a Lead stops sending to any email connected to that domain and blocks them from appearing in future Searches as well.

If a Lead Unsubscribes, it will stop any active or scheduled Sequences for that Lead!

Setting up the Unsubscribe Merge Field

Adding the Unsubscribe link to your emails is quite easy. Head to the Advanced tab in your Profile settings.

From here, all you need to do is toggle the switch to 'On', and we'll do the rest. You can also edit the message if you'd like to personalize it.

Note: The text in the Unsubscribe message is greyed out/less noticeable on purpose. It is not a bug/glitch on your side!

You also have an option of including merge fields in your Unsubscribe message. The Unsubscribe Link is also in the list, so if you ever delete it by accident simply add it back in using the Unsubscribe Link merge field.

Note: You can hyperlink any text with the merge field {unsubscribe} set as the URL path, we will take care of the rest.

You may also include your signature in the Unsubscribe Editor, as it's getting attached to each email you send.

What the Lead Sees

After clicking on the Unsubscribe link your Leads will be taken to this page confirming that they've successfully unsubscribed:

What You See

If someone Unsubscribes from your emails, you'll see an update in the Lead's status:

And if the Lead contains an email that is on your Unsubscribes list, but is not the currently selected one (meaning the lead has multiple emails on it) there will be a black warning sign next the lead:

You can also add leads/domains to their respective lists by clicking on the dropdown menu on the lead and choosing the appropriate option:

You can also use 'Unsubscribe Selected':

Let us know if you have any questions about this feature, and we highly recommend you start using it!

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