All outreach in ScopeLeads starts with a Search which is nested in a Campaign Folder. The Search provides you with Leads based on your criteria and is shown in a Search Results page. All work (sending, deleting, etc) with Leads is done from this page. 

Managing Campaign Folders

You can organize your Searches into different Campaign Folders. (We've named them folders because other email softwares sometimes refer to the act of Searching or Sending an email as a "Campaign".)

Some unique ways to organize and title your Campaigns include:

  • By objective (eg. generate Leads for XYZ business)

  • Different niches/industries, but the same city

  • Same niche/keywords, but different cities

  • By month/week

  • By your employees or virtual assistants

Simply click on Campaigns and then the New Campaign Folder button to get started. 

Edit the name of a Campaign at any time by click the pencil icon on the row. Or, delete it with the trash icon. 

  1. Enter a Title and Description and then click the + symbol. 

  2. A new row will appear with your Campaign. Click on New Search at the end of the row to launch the New Search Wizard.

  3. Select from one of the Search Types available to your Account Level.

  4. Enter a Keyword that is as general and broad as possible. 

  5. Enter a Location that is specific as possible for the best results (towns, neighborhoods). Entire country/state searches are not supported. 

  6. Click Next and enter an optional Description of the Search. This can be edited later. 

  7. Choose if you'd like us to email you when your Search is finished. 

  8. Click Finish to start the Search. 

Note: It shouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes for your Search to complete, depending on how many leads we found. If a Search seems stuck, please reach out to support. 

Working With the Search Results Page

Once the Search is complete, you will see it appear below the Campaign Folder in which New Search was clicked.

Note: Currently you cannot move a Search to another Campaign, or any Leads to another Search

You can do quite a lot with the Search Results Page:

  • See your stats at the top of the Page. Click on Emails to toggle and show leads without emails.

  • Click on Emails Sent or Emails Opened to filter Leads that have a status of Sent or Opened or Clicked.

  • Edit any part of the lead by clicking on the Pencil icon beside the data

  • Click on the Notes icon to open the CRM and see stats about that Lead, as well as enter an updated Sales Status or Notes for them. 

  • Use the checkboxes to Select multiple Leads and edit them in bulk with the dropdown at the top or bottom. (Pro accounts only) 

  • Run an SEO/PPC Audit on the Lead by clicking Run Audit

  • Click on Email (or whichever status currently showing on the lead) to open the popup composer to start sending emails, stop sequences, or to view the history and upcoming emails scheduled for that Lead.

  • Add a Lead manually with the blue Add Lead button at the bottom of the list to work with any website/lead you'd like.

  • Download a CSV of the Search Results page using the Download CSV button. Note: Only the leads filtered and that can be seen visibly will be exported.

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