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Setting up followup sequences to your cold emails can have great effect on your conversion rates - more touch points increase the odds of getting a reply!

There are lots of ways you can set up email sequencing. This is where your creativity can do wonders for you.

Sequence sending limits are 6 emails total - though we suggest to use up to 4 to avoid being marked as spam. Maximum amount of days between two emails is 15.

Creating Your First Sequence

  1. Title the name of the Sequence and write a Description so you can refer back to it later in the app.

  2. Choose a Subject Line of your first email and start writing

    Simply click on 'Copy from Template' dropdown and select the template of your choice.

3. Click Add an Email to add another followup.

4. Choose how many days after the previous email this one should be sent.

5. Choose a condition for when this followup email should be sent. You can also skip this step and setup Sequences without conditions - they are completely optional.

There are 4 different followup conditions to chose from:

  • Prospect does not open the previous email

  • Prospect opens the previous email

  • Prospect opens the previous email but does not click on link

  • Prospect opens the previous email and clicks on link

Note: Conditions and Days ALWAYS applies only to the previous email in the Sequence, not the first one.

You can also use a different followup condition for each email in the Sequence.

If the condition was met, the followup email will always send.

Example: You prospect opened the email, but if your followup condition was 'Prospect opens the previous email but does not click on link',  the followup message will still be sent since they haven't click on your link the email, only opened.

6. Click Save when you are done.

7. In the final popup composer when emailing any Lead, you can choose a Sequence and even edit the first email in the Sequence to make it more personal.

Example Sequence Setup

Three important things to look out in this image:

  • Subject cannot be edited - this is because we have Threaded Replies turned on. All emails will go to the same thread instead of creating a new conversation

  • This email will be sent 2 days after the one immediately before it

  • It will only send it to prospects who did NOT open the previous email - everyone who opened it will not receive any followup messages and the Sequence is considered complete.

In the next followup email you can try using a reminder "nudge" or a different angle/approach altogether to get a response.

You can conclude the Sequence by sending a 'last chance' email to conclude my drip sequence. (eg. 'I noticed you opened my emails so let me know if you'll be interested in any of my services in the future')

Sequences are a very powerful time-saving tool for following up with leads. If you don't use them, you will have to manually followup with each lead, multiple times each. As you send more and more first-touch emails, the number of followups you need to do can become exponential!

If you do want to use them but are having issues setting them up don't hesitate contacting support - we'll help you get right on track!

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