• Just like the name says, regular search has no conditions to it and finds all businesses in the area with your keyword attached.

  • You can use the 'Find extra leads' option on this search.

Social Lacking

  • Finds businesses that lack one or more social profiles attached on their websites. (In cases where they do have a profile it is not attached to their website correctly)

  • Social profiles we look for are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

  • This search has its own merge field 'Social Lacking' which lists all of the profiles missing from the leads website.

SEO Lacking

  • Finds businesses that have poor SEO based on their Google rankings for your selected keyword.

Schema Lacking

  • Finds businesses that are lacking schema.org markup on their websites.

  • A great way to find potential clients as the schema subject is relatively new!

  • Has a feature to manually check a single website for schema

Retargeting Lacking

  • Finds businesses that do not have Facebook Pixel installed on their website.

Mobile View

  • Finds businesses that have unresponsive websites.

  • After you complete the search a mobile view will pop out letting you select which websites you want to keep in your search folder.

  • This search has a special merge field that includes a screenshot of their website in your email.

Video Lacking

  • Finds businesses that do not have a video on their website homepage.

Review Lacking

  • Finds businesses between a Google Maps/Places rating that you select.

SSL Lacking

  • Finds businesses who lack SSL certificates on their websites.

Upload CSV

  • You can also upload your own leads to ScopeLeads in the new search interface. To find out how to do it go here!

(Pro Version Only)

AdWords Lacking

  • Finds businesses that are not currently bidding in AdWords and can use some advertising help.

AdWords Bidding

  • Finds top 7 businesses that are actively bidding on Adwords.

  • The special thing about this search is that you can only select countries as a location, but you can localize your searches by typing in the exact location in the keyword. For example, your keyword is 'Roofer Toronto' and the location Canada.

Website Lacking

  • Finds businesses that do not have website listed on Google Maps.

  • This may be because they simply haven't claimed the listing or they truly do not own a website currently - either way a great opportunity!

  • As there is no website we cannot find emails in this search - which leaves phone numbers as the only contact option that you get in this search.

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