One of the more frequent questions we get is if it's possible adding your own leads or downloading leads found from ScopeLeads - the answer to both is yes!

Importing your data - Upload CSV

Uploading your own leads is pretty simple and can be broken down in a few steps that you can find below. This feature treats your data just like it does with any other search, enriching and populating empty fields. The only requirement is that you have website fields populated with http://.
Note: Data enrichment won't work unless you have the website field populated. You can still upload email addresses alone for sending purposes.

  • Click on 'New Search' button on your desired campaign folder

  • Next to all our search options you'll find the 'Upload CSV' button on the far right side:

  • Next up, hit the 'Download template' link and populate the list with your leads. Your leads must have the website fields populated! 

  • !!Do not delete the headers, place your data below them in their respective columns!!

  • Upload your completed file and finish the upload wizard

Note: The maximum amount of leads you can import at once is 1000.

Once your upload is complete, please give ScopeLeads a minute or two to process and enrich your data.

You can populate any of the other columns as well or leave them empty, the only requirement for our data enrichment process to work is to have website field (with http:// in front of it).

Exporting Search Results

You can export all of the search data you find on ScopeLeads. The download button is below every search you make:

If you want you can download all the Leads in the Campaign Folder in one click (duplicates removed), you can do it within Campaign Options using the purple download button:

Let us know if this tutorial helped you and if you need any further help with getting data in or out of ScopeLeads!

Note on the Merge Fields: The Keyword and City Merge Fields won't work with imported CSV files.

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