Merge fields are a great way to personalize your emails - they give your lead feeling that you composed the email just for them instead of sending a massive email blast.

Some of our merge fields are pretty self explanatory and can be used anytime, while others do have some requirements in order to be used properly. You can find these requirements below.

All of the merge fields have to stay exactly the same way as they were input by the button, otherwise they won't work. ie. [Name] will not show the business name, it must be sent as {Name}.

Here's a full list of our current merge fields:

First Name, Last Name: In order to use these your lead has to have them filled in - either by our system or yourself. There is an exception to this with First Name merge field, where you can set an alternative if no first name is found. The alternative comes after the vertical bar symbol, in example: "Hello {firstname|there}!"

Mobile Screenshot: Can only be used on 'Mobile View' search results. The merge field inserts an image of their website from a mobile point of view.

Fake Audit: Sends a screenshot with a play button on top of it, used for the fake audit tactic that was shown and explained on one of our community webinars.

Social Lacking: Lists out all of the missing social platforms for that lead out of Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Audits Link: Sends a link to the audit you ran for their website. Before doing this, you need to click the 'Create Public Link' button on the audit:

Google Rating: Merges their business rating on Google Maps/Places, (ie. 4.5 stars).

Keyword: This is the keyword you used when finding the lead you're reaching out to. It does not work with CSV Upload.

City: This is the City you searched for in the New Search Wizard. It does not work with CSV Upload.

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