Webmail/Hosting Email Provider

Your hosting or domain provider may include a free or paid email account and inbox. 

To start sending emails in ScopeLeads from that account, you will need to enter your account's email and password to successfully connect it to your ScopeLeads account. Keep in mind if you're using a Custom option from the dropdown menu, you will need to enter your SMTP and IMAP credentials. If you can't find it in your Webmail dashboard, a simple search within your host's Help Center or on Google should point you in the right direction. (eg. "SMTP Credentials for GoDaddy Email")

In your Campaign Settings, click the purple “Add” button under “Connected Email” section, and choose your email provider on the next window. 

We always connect with a secure connection via SSL/TLS.

Transactional SMTP Service

Using Transactional SMTP services is no longer supported and as an alternative, we're highly recommending going with GSuite instead, however, any other Webmail provider will work as well.

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